How Every Lawmaker Voted
Impeachment & Trial
  of President Trump

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 Contact Reps & Senators Call their offices, making it clear you are a constituent; attend town halls, and if your members don't hold them, insist that they do; send heartfelt, factual personal correspondence and note whether you receive a response; avoid email, which is seldom read; visit your lawmakers' D.C. or district offices.
Call Out Falsehoods
Note Areas of Agreement
Stay Authentic, Be Concise
 Spread Voting Facts Use social media including Facebook and Twitter, write letters to the editor and work through friends and colleagues to repeatedly spread facts and debunk fabrications about your federal lawmakers' most fundamental democratic duty. Also, urge local news media to publish pre-election day profiles of incumbents that include coverage of voting records.

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on Congressional Voting Records
A constituent resource for separating truth from fiction,
real from fake, in the 2019-2020 election cycle.
From homegrown political operators posting untrue attack ads on social media and TV screens to Russian trolls streaming Kremlin-backed propaganda onto Facebook and Twitter, dark electoral forces and party campaign organizations have begun to distort the legislative records of congressional incumbents seen as vulnerable in the 2020 primary and general elections. The average voter has neither the time nor the information to sort truth from falsehoods and distortions.
In response, here is a public-interest website that can help civically engaged citizens deal with domestic and foreign-based disinformation campaigns aimed at the House of Representatives and, to a lesser extent, the Senate. Constituents can turn to this site for scrupulously factual, clearly presented, nonpartisan journalistic accounts of legislative actions and individual voting records in five policy areas at the center of debate in the current election cycle: the climate crisis, financial security, gun limits, health care and immigration.

Voters equipped with facts can make informed decisions at the polls, or go a step further by calling out candidates who spread false information about their own and their opponent's record. Fact-based constituent engagement will help secure and preserve an unsteady American democracy.

U.S. House

Adopting Article I
Vote #695 12/18/2019

Adopting Article II
Vote #696 12/18/2019

Sending Articles to Senate
Vote #18 01/15/2020

U.S. Senate

Acquitting Trump
on Article I

Vote #33 02/05/2020

Acquitting Trump
on Article II

Vote #34 02/05/2020

Barring Witnesses
From Trump Trial

Vote #27 01/31/2020

Rejecting Bolton
as Trial Witness

Vote #22 01/22/2020

Rejecting Mulvaney
as Trial Witness

Vote #18 01/21/2020

Rejecting Blair & Duffey
as Trial Witnesses

Vote #20 01/21/2020

Approving Trial Rules
Vote #26 01/22/2020

Empowering Chief Justice
to Rule on Witnesses

Vote #25 01/22/2020

Rejecting Change
in Evidence Rules

Vote #21 01/21/2020

Streamlining Rules
for Admitting Witnesses

Vote #23 01/22/2020

Refusing to Subpoena
White House Files

Vote #15 01/21/2020