Your Members of Congress
 Contact Reps & Senators Call their offices, making it clear you are a constituent; attend town halls, and if your members don't hold them, insist that they do; send heartfelt, factual personal correspondence and note whether you receive a response; avoid email, which is seldom read; visit your lawmakers' D.C. or district offices.
Call Out Falsehoods
Note Areas of Agreement
Stay Authentic, Be Concise
 Spread Voting Facts Use social media including Facebook and Twitter, write letters to the editor and work through friends and colleagues to repeatedly spread facts and debunk fabrications about your federal lawmakers' most fundamental democratic duty. Also, urge local news media to publish pre-election day profiles of incumbents that include coverage of voting records.

 Top House Votes
 on Key Topics: 2019
 Climate Crisis
 Income Security
 Gun Measures
 Health Care

 Ballot Attacks &
 Campaign Propaganda
 70 Countries Targeted
 by Disinformation
 Loopholes in Law Invite
 Election Attacks

Citizen Fact Check

on Congressional Voting Records
A constituent resource for separating truth from fiction,
real from fake, in the 2019-2020 election cycle.